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You can send us a message for all everything. Whether it be a hacker, or a bug you have found, you can message us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I found someone not playing properly/cheating, how do I report him?

Please contact us via the buttons above. Or send a message in our Discord server.

I got banned where can I appeal?

You will need to send us a message. To do that you can go to Or use the button above.

What are the Gravitor network rules?

We have a brief description of all our rules HERE.

I bought something from your store and I haven't got it?

Oh, no! That is not supposed to happen. Please contact us with the buttons above, or leave us a message in our Discord server. We will give you your product manually. 

I have a Business related idea/question, who should I email/contact?

Always good to hear. Please direct your contact to, and we’ll get back to you.

PLEASE NOTE: This email is for business related emails only. The staff that reply are unable to do anything relating to bans, mutes or other issues.

How do I use the clan plugin on the survival server?

If you know, it is easy. We have a documentation all about it on HERE.