Gravitor in short

Gravitor is a non-profit community Minecraft server run by the Gravitor Gaming Foundation. All of our donations go back to funding the server. We started in 2020 (as AmaanMC) because of bordem from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have grew tp 50+ Discord Members! Both of the owners live in the UK, but we have a worldwide staff team across the globe!


We offer many gamemodes, and we are happy to help 7 days a week with our wonderfull staff team. We take moderation really seriously as we operate as a kid friendly server, our moderation team monitors 24/7 (all chats on the server are recorded and saved)  and they try to make our server as kid friendly as possible by tackling bullying and remove all toxicity and swearing. If this does happen to you, feel free to contact us on the Contact Us page, or by sending Mantis (Owner) or Demwan (Manager) a DM.