Gravitor Rules


Server Rules

1. Swearing in any form is not allowed on the server.
2. Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, bullying, or hate speech will be tolerated.
3. No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc) without permission from a staff member. This includes DMing fellow members.
4. No NSFW or obscene content. This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, or other graphically disturbing content.
5. If you want to apply for a staff role. Do not ask the Admins in the Discord server and the Minecraft server. Apply at #staff-application
6. No hacking in any form is allowed on the Minecraft server.
7. If you found an exploit, bug, or cheat. Please report it at an staff member. Do not abuse it.
8. If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let staff know. We want this server to be a welcoming space!

Do you not agree with your punishment? Have you been punished wrongfully?
Message an admin (or higher) to get this issue resolved


If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in our discord.


All the rules listed on this post are now effective as of January 2021 and apply to all ranks on Gravitor. The following rules apply to Gravitor’s Minecraft servers, Discord, and forums. All chat rules apply to all of our chat systems, such as private messages or guild chat.

Everyone must read and follow these rules to avoid kick or ban punishments. If for any reason a rule needs to be changed or modified, the Gravitor team has the right to do so.

Using another account to avoid punishment such as mute or ban is prohibited on Gravitor. If you are caught doing this, your ban / mute may be extended and your other account will be banned.


Respect for all staff

All decisions made by Gravitor Staff members are considered final. We ask you not to discuss a judgment drawn up by one of our staff members. If you feel that a staff member is abusive or abusing their powers, contact the administration team on the forums or by private messages.

We may delete or close threads whose sole purpose is to publicly complain, humiliate, or lash out at the staff. These issues should be dealt with privately, by private message with Seitan, not publicly on the forum.

Security and account sharing

As a player on Gravitor, you are responsible for the security of your account on Minecraft and on the Gravitor website. If another user acquires access to your account, regardless of the means, you remain responsible. We urge you to keep your passwords secure and never reveal them to anyone.

Please note, we do not accept sharing of accounts used on Gravitor. If your account is shared with another user and violates a rule resulting in a sanction, the sanction will remain on the account even if you explain that you were not the person using the account. It could also, in some cases, lead to an extended punishment to other accounts belonging to you if we believe they are a way for you to escape your punishments.

Advertising is prohibited

Promoting other servers on Gravitor or on the forums will result in a ban from the network and / or forums. This includes the dissemination of an IP or a site / domain (other than those of Gravitor) in the public chat, the message system, the name of the animals, etc …

Promoting any YouTube or Twitch channel is not allowed if you do not have the YouTuber or Streamer rank on the server.

Posting your guild name, inviting, or publicly offering the opportunity to join your guild is allowed in the server chat. But if you spam it or annoy other players it will lead to a mute so please if a staff member asks you to stop listen to it. All announcements, presentations, offers, or the like, relating to guilds, should be made in the “Guilds” section of the forums to avoid complaints.

Announcements about a party for games or adventure maps are allowed; however, do not break the rules on spam and all caps.

If you choose to purchase a Minecraft account from someone else (a practice that we do not recommend), please note that if you find that it is being banned from the server, it is not our responsibility. responsibility to unban it. This account had a history before it came into your possession, and it will keep it.

In order to protect network users, we do NOT allow the sale (or announcement of a sale) of Minecraft accounts on Gravitor or in the forums. This is because selling Minecraft accounts is a recurring method used by crooks. Not allowing these sales is the best way for us to protect the users of our network.

The use of two accounts on the same IP address is prohibited

Two accounts cannot be used on the same ip address in order to give themselves an advantage in the game. Anyone caught in the bag by a mod or our security software will deserve a ban. Thank you for your understanding! You opt out of this rule if you can prove someone else if playing. Such as a brother.

Not impersonating someone else

Impersonating someone else is a serious offense that we do not take lightly. If you witness a user posing as a YouTuber or Streamer or a staff member, please contact a Moderator as soon as possible. Pretending to be staff on the forums is not allowed, do not trick a user into believing that you have powers that you do not have.

You can recognize staff members by their tag:

Moderators have a yellow [MOD] prefix

Administrators have a red [ADMIN] prefix

Do not spam or abuse capital letters

Spam of any type is prohibited. The minimum requirements for spam to be considered spam include, but are not restricted to, sending the same or similar message consecutively, a repetitive number of times in less than a few seconds or more. Messages that contain a lot or only capital letters are also considered spam. Spam on forums is not allowed, posts or threads qualifying as spam will result in forum suspension or ban.

Inappropriate vocabulary and content are STRICTLY  prohibited

Please think of others when you speak in the chat, we have children playing on the server with you. Vulgar vocabulary (name calling) is prohibited. This also includes the names of animals. The names of vulgar animals are not tolerated. Using this type of language on the forums will lead to your post being changed to a more appropriate post or its complete removal.

This also applies to links to inappropriate content (such as adult content). As said above, we have young players on the server and they should not be exposed to such content.

Respect all users

RAU – Respect All Users, we are all human and we all love Gravitor. Be respectful and kind to others when you play games, or even when you hang out in lobbies. Respect in the forums is imposed, do not write anything that could be mean, at the risk of morally damaging your interlocutor. Discrimination, regardless of the type, is not tolerated and will result in banishment.

We will NOT accept:

– Racism;

– Gender discrimination ;

– Ageism;

– Remarks on handicaps;

– Remarks on religions;

Or any sort of discrimination.

You are allowed to speak different languages ​​on Gravitor.

However, keep in mind that it is best to speak to staff members in English, they may not understand your language.

All the rules concerning the chat apply whatever the language. Failure to follow these rules will lead to punishment, regardless of the language used.

Respect YouTubers and Streamers

We still see YouTubers and Streamers as public figures, and we know a lot of them are playing on the server, some are even our friends. Therefore, we should treat them kindly and let them play on the same pitch, like any player. We are not asking you to stop playing with or against them, but be careful not to discourage them from playing by constantly targeting and beating them, in groups or with their guild (note that many of these players do not are not professionals). It is important to point out that the image of the server depends on the content uploaded by them, and constantly trying to crush them competitively as a guild will discourage them from uploading future videos or lives.

Server benefits aside, treating YouTubers and streamers with fair play benefits you too, your supporters and the video will look to you and your guild in a positive (win-win!) Way. So help us and help yourself at the same time by treating YouTubers and streamers with fair play and don’t try to constantly target them and beat them with your guild. Remember that constant attempts to target, win for the competition, and discourage YouTubers / streamers from playing, as a guild, can be flagged and end in bans as well as loss of variable number of guild coins, depending on the severity of the situation.

For information on obtaining YouTuber rank,


All giveaways offering an item purchased on Gravitor (Ranks, Booster, etc.) must be approved by Seitan. The exception to this rule are Mystery Boxes offered through the gift system which do not need to be approved (provided they are purchased on your account and given from that same account to the player winning the giveaway. ). If your giveaway is asking for approval, you can get it by contacting it via  chat  (this may take a while, so we ask that you please get there as soon as possible).

Giveaways which are rewards not purchased on Gravitor are not a problem, so you don’t need approval for these type of giveaways.

Minecraft accounts are strictly prohibited. Optifine capes are also prohibited, as selling capes is against EULA and we do not encourage this practice.

Currently, we also do not allow giveaways of physical items (which need to be posted) on the website due to secrecy about sharing private information, such as full name or address.

If you find someone donating an object that requires approval, but does not contain image evidence of an approving message from Seitan or contains a pending approval (the thread should then be considered closed until the ‘approval), do not participate and report it to a Moderator using the report button at the bottom of the thread, please.

The rules listed above also apply to the Discord server, so don’t think that only the rules to follow are to be taken into account. Please read the Discord server rules below.

– Playing noisy music or audio files is prohibited, unless you have the agreement of all users of the channel.

– Using a voice modifier is prohibited.

– Names that may be considered offensive or inappropriate are prohibited.

– Recording voices on Discord without the consent of users or staff is prohibited whatever the event. In some countries / states it is illegal to record someone’s voice without their permission (we are not responsible for your actions).

– Tags in usernames such as [MVP] are not allowed.

– Trolls, streamers, or other childish acts will not be tolerated.

– Changing channels constantly is considered spam, so don’t.

– Do not annoy or disturb the staff too much!

Failure to follow the rules for Discord will result in an expulsion or ban from the Gravitor Discord server.

Your actions on Discord can also lead to a server ban.

Offensive skins are not allowed

Skins posing as offensive or sexually explicit are not allowed on Gravitor. Anyone who uses a skin like this will be warned a first time, but greater consequences may follow if you continue.

Offensive capes are not allowed

Cloaks posing as offensive or sexually explicit are not allowed on Gravitor. Since cloaks are an extension of your skin, inappropriate cloaks will be treated the same as inappropriate skins. Those using such a cloak will be warned the first time around, if you don’t change or modify it, more important action will be taken.

We know that capes can be bought from users without their knowledge, and that they can be offensive. In this case, if you are notified by a staff member, we will ask you to remove it. If you don’t, you will be penalized in the same way.

Offensive usernames are prohibited

Usernames that may be considered offensive, for example of a sexual nature, swear words or simply unpleasant are prohibited. If you violate this rule, you will be permanently banned from the server. Remember we want a family friendly waiter.

Customer changes

The use of customer modifications is strictly supervised and monitored. Even if certain types of modifications are allowed, we remind you that you are responsible for every action carried out on your account even if you are not aware of the existence of a modification on your client.

What is a “blacklisted modification”?

Anything that gives you a significant advantage over the players in the game is a blacklisted modification. Additionally, modifications that change the way your client sends data to the server are strictly prohibited, even if they fall into an allowed category.

Categories of permitted modifications

Mods for performance enhancement (like mods that increase FPS).

Aesthetic modifications (like shader mods).

Mods on the hud providing information on armor and effects.

Brightness or gamma adjustments.

Adding a minimap, as long as it does not show additional data such as players, entities or cave systems.

You can find a list of blacklisted changes in this thread .

Another category of modifications should be considered  prohibited . This includes changes like those on sprint, LabyMod and macros *.

* Macros and changing controls are not the same thing! You are allowed to assign Minecraft controls to all of your keys, as well as additional buttons on your mouse, for example. You are  not  allowed to use macros, which include autoclick, chat shortcuts, or commands, whether it’s a modification to Minecraft or an external app.

Cheating and exploiting bugs will lead to banning!

This includes:

– The use of any form of a modified client giving unfair advantages against other players.

– The use of one or more prohibited modifications listed above.

– The exploitation of a bug or glitch, whatever it is.

Report all bugs related to Gravitor here.

Rules for non-staff members

Currently there are a lot of problems with players annoyed at being told what to do by a non-staff member, but on the other hand a lot of people. you are wondering how to become a staff member if you are asked to stop helping. Here are the guidelines and rules to follow to prevent such confusion.

You can answer players’ questions, there is nothing wrong with that. However, do not answer questions that you are not sure the answer to, that are not related to the mini-games, or that are not directed to you. There is no problem answering questions like “how to equip a hat”, “how to attach a minigame” etc, basically the information that can be found on the signs through lobbies or through / help.

Answering questions about how to buy the VIP, become VIP +, and even where to report players and bugs is okay, but again if you’re not sure, don’t give an answer. There is nothing worse than giving the wrong information, because it only leads to problems afterwards.

You should not be rude to anyone even if your interlocutor is rude, treat others with respect, you do not know their situation. Moreover, you should not give orders concerning the rules, like for example  “STOP SPAMMING” , there should be staff in your lobby, a helper is part of the staff even if their role is to help, they are members and have controls to handle the situation. If the staff member in your lobby doesn’t answer a question or take action against a rule violation, and it’s been 20-30 seconds since a user has spam an IP or broken a rule, try / msg that staff member or better yet take a screenshot and report what’s wrong  here .

You can also look for other staff members in other lobbies, but please don’t try to take the situation into your own hands and tell them what to do, this often complicates the situation.

Some staff members use macros to answer common questions, like  “where can I donate?”. If you are not a staff member we do not want you to use macros, this could create spam between you and the staff member responding at the same time. It can also be a source of problems if you use the wrong macro, because you will give the wrong information. Staff members shouldn’t need to race other players to respond first, this situation in itself can lead to errors and we want you to enjoy the mini-games. Want or know someone who really wants to become a staff member? You are not going to impress the staff by beating them on the job, causing problems by giving the wrong information or even telling others what to do when you shouldn’t.

You can impress us by helping out when a staff member happens to be AFK, answering common little questions, reporting rule violations on the forum, being on the Discord server and talking there often. If a staff member asks you to calm down a bit, don’t be offended, it’s for the best, just be polite and maybe change your lobby. Causing a fuss or an argument with a staff member will make you look down on them, lowering your chances. The staff are in a sense a big family, if you bother one of them it will spread to others in a negative way.

Someone who is not liked by the staff members will not be accepted because it will cause inconvenience that we cannot have among the staff. It’s no fun for the staff members to have players running around and screaming to do their job, we volunteer and are here to help and moderate, that’s what we were chosen for. All we ask is that you don’t stop having fun for us, but instead start helping us, if you have any doubt about what you can do or not do not hesitate to / msg a moderator.

Gravitor rules change, you are responsible for being up to date with them. Gravitor Administration has the right to add, modify or remove any element of the settlement.


Guidelines / Rules


– Photos should not contain any sexual or nudity references, which means no fake anime girl or real photo that falls into the **** ography category.

– Photos should not contain any reference to alcohol or drugs, we do not want to advertise any potentially offensive or inappropriate product on the Gravitor website.

– Photos must not incite violence, racism, or other bad behavior. Please remember that any sign belonging to these categories is not allowed.

– Photos or selfies that you have found on the internet cannot be uploaded for your avatar. So you cannot make it look like you are someone else here by posting a false image of “yourself”.



You must comply with the following guidelines. Any user not respecting them will be treated as established below.

What can you hyperlink to?

Signatures may not contain links to harmful content including (but not limited to) viruses, harmful cookies or account thieves (phishing).

You ARE allowed to advertise on your social media pages, as long as you follow the Gravitor rules and other guidelines. Signatures containing moving images (.gif) or videos containing flashing bright colors are not allowed, as they can cause seizures and be harmful to some users.

Non-flashing moving images are permitted.

Dragon Cave or similar sites offering clickable animals, internet or karma are allowed.

Spoiler videos

Signatures may contain videos only if they are spoilers. They should be appropriate for all audiences and follow Gravitor’s rules and guidelines, whether they are spoiler or not.


General courtesy

Please remember that any user with a signature can see yours. Use the space wisely, knowing that you won’t be the only one seeing it. Too many animations or wasted space will get in the way of others. Use your signature to let others know who you are, or to share your social media. Lots of people like to show off their achievements and stats too.

Attacking or including another person in your signature should only be done with their permission. We don’t want a signature war on our server.


What will happen if the guidelines are not followed?

Most of the time, if a user does not follow these guidelines, they will receive a message from a staff member letting them know, and asking them to change their signature.