WorldGuard (/rg) Tutorial.




Building related: (Build, construct, block-place, block-break, leaf-decay, chest-access, ice-form, ice-melt, tnt, snow-melt, snow-fall, vine-growth)

Mob related: (creeper-explosion, damage-animals, mob-spawning, ghast-fireball, enderdragon-block-damage, enderman-grief, mob-damage, wither-damage)

Other: (allow-shop, enderpearl, use, fall-damage, interact, invincible, lava-flow, fire-spread, potion-splash, pvp)

Setting up a region:

First step: Use world edit to select the section of the map you want to be the region (worldedit selects in a rectangle/square so make sure to select the 2 corners diagonal from each other)

Second step: run the command /rg create (name_of_region) 

Third step: that’s all, if you forget your region name you can run /rg list to find out the names of them.

Using the region to set flags:

First step: Make sure your region is created.

Second step: Go through the flags above and decide which you want to be (true) and which you want to be (false). If you set something to true it will be able to be performed for instance, PVP set to TRUE would allow players to fight in that set region.

Third step: Use the command /rg flag (region_name) (flag) true/false -> be sure to remove the () upon running the command.

Fourth step: repeat this until all flags have been setup to how you want it, some flags are automatically set so you don’t need to do them but if you want them to be how you want then i recommend changing them appropriately.

That’s pretty much it for worldguard.